Best Shower Filters

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By installing a shower head filter, you can improve the condition of your hair and skin without needing to install a whole-home filtering system. Below we have put together a list of the best shower filters on the market right now. 

Best Shower Water Filter Reviews

AquaBliss High Output Universal

AquaBliss’ product purifies the water in your shower; a must have for anyone with sensitive skin! The High Output Universal is proven to reduce itchiness and dry skin, and will also help keep your skin feeling smooth and hydrated, rather than stiff and heavy.

The filtering blend of vitamins and minerals goes through a system of filters that help transform your water to revitalize the skin, while still being clean and leaving no residue behind. Be aware that this filter is NOT a softener, and does not specialize in removing calcium and magnesium, but does remove chemicals like chlorine and iron.

AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter


  • Good for acne-prone skin 
  • Revitalizes dry skin and prevents irritation 
  • Easy installation


  • Reduces water pressure in shower 
  • Sometimes prone to small leaks

Culligan WSH-C125

This filter not only keeps your water in mind, but it also keeps YOU in mind! This is our best shower head filter for a reason. It has a massage setting to change the water pressure to your own preference and give you the best shower imaginable. Easy to install, this filter is designed to prevent bacteria build-up that happens in the shower head due to bacteria found in tap water. As for the filtering of chemicals and minerals, Culligan’s filter does a phenomenal job of reducing chlorine that could damage the walls and rims of your shower, making your cleaning day that much easier! Not to mention, your skin and hair will thank you for the change.

Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mounted Filtered Shower Head


  • Easy installation 
  • Five massage settings for different pressures 
  • Helps prevent scale build-up in shower or bath


  • Some massage settings are not as strong as others 
  • Piece installed on the shower head is too heavy to hold itself up on some models.

AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage

Another AquaBliss to the rescue! This model is a version of their High Output filter, but now features a 12-stage filtering system that attacks molds, fungus, chemicals, and minerals to have your showers feeling cleaner than ever. One of the unique stages of filtration in this filter is the use of small ceramic balls to pull out particles that could be harmful to the shower and skin. Another added bonus, this filter infuses your tap water with rejuvenating Vitamin C to make skin appear younger and brighter, and clear up skin problems. You won’t regret getting this revolutionary shower filter!

AquaBliss High Output 12-Stage Shower Filter


  • Incredibly easy to install – takes less than ten minutes 
  • Infuses water with Vitamin C 
  • Assists in getting rid of pesky acne


  • Doesn’t last as long as some other models
  • Not suited for extreme water pressure

Berkey Shower Filter WITHOUT Shower Head

Berkey’s is top notch when it comes to removing chlorine and fungus particles!

Unknown to some, chlorine is one of the main chemicals that irritates skin and damages hair, and can also enter into your body through the pores of your skin, so this shower water filter is excellent for those suffering from itchiness or other skin-related health problems. 

Berkey Shower Filter WITHOUT Shower Head

Along with it’s chlorine removal, this filter is excellent at preventing chlorinated vapor escaping into the house from the steam of a hot shower, helping to improve air quality for everyone in the house. A valve is located on the back to prevent clogging, making it, and your shower, easy to clean.


  • Lasts for one year – six months longer than most products! 
  • Great for city tap water 
  • Works great to reduce chlorine-smelling water


  • Requires backwashing on a regular basis 
  • More expensive than other filters

Aquasana AQ-4100

Coconut shells! Who knew? Those pesky things we crack in order to get to the inside of things happen to be very helpful in altering the chemical balance of your water.

This Aquasana uses coconut shells in their filtration system as a natural alternative to filtering out chlorine. Accompanied with a copper/zinc alloy to adjust your water’s pH balance, this filter will have your skin feeling incredible in no time. Keeping your comfort in mind, the filter comes with settings (all adjustable) for massaging water pressure. 

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

This shower filter is perfect for those who want to keep their homes natural or use natural products on their skin and hair.


  • Uses natural alternatives for filtration 
  • Multiple adjustable massage settings 
  • Lasts for around six months


  • Replacements are pricey 
  • Prone to leaking

Pure Action Water Softener Shower Head

One of the best water softener shower heads out there for extremely chemical-saturated water, the Pure Action shower filter works like a dream to remove chemicals associated with the infamous “hard water.”

Not only does this product adjust the chemicals in your shower, it also helps to save on water! This shower head filter uses less water in a smaller surface area to make for a high-pressure model with less water usage, helping the environment and saving you money in the long-run. 

Pure Action Water Softener Shower Head

Pure Action also helps to soften water, removing heavy metals and bacteria that could be harmful to your or your shower.


  • Amazing for heavy water 
  • Makes lower water pressure feel higher 
  • Easy installation


  • Not great with high water pressure 
  • Will break under immense water pressure

Aquasana Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

Aquasana is back with their amazing coconut shell filters! Unlike their AQ-4100 filter model, this model assists in keeping your shower pressure strong for an amazing shower experience. Unlike some shower filters, this model is not a separate shower head, but rather connects to the head you already use.

Like other Aquasana filters, this filter is also great for fighting through hard water and strong chlorine, making your shower smell and feel fresher than you can even imagine. This filter is great for people who don’t want to install a different shower head, and also love that feeling of high water pressure during a shower.

Aquasana Deluxe Shower Water Filter System


  • All natural filter system 
  • Removes chlorine and softens water 
  • Keeps shower pressure strong


  • Prone to leaking 
  • Pricey replacement filters

AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage

AquaHomeGroup may have taken the prize for most filtration levels in their 15 stage shower filter. Not only does this filter get rid of chemicals, bacteria, fungus, and heavy metals in your shower water, it also helps to purify that water so every member of the family, including the furry ones, will have a great bathing experience.

The best part about this filter, however, is that it won’t break the bank like some other filters! For 15 layers of filtering magic, the price is well worth it. This filter is great for anyone seeking the purest water in their showers.

AquaHomeGroup 15 Stage Shower Filter


  • Best filter for children and pets 
  • Softens water, as well as skin 
  • Purifies water as well as reduces scale, chemicals, and other harsh particles


  • Harder water may require more filter changes 
  • Can be prone to leaking

AquaHomeGroup Luxury Filtered Shower Head

What’s this? ANOTHER 15 stage model from AquaHomeGroup? But how could they get any better?

While AquaHomeGroup’s other filter is the best when it comes to purification, they made improvements upon it with their luxury shower head filter.

This 15 stage filter also adds Vitamin C infusers to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin and hair. 

Luxury Filtered Shower Head Set 15 Stage Shower Filter

Along with the amazing water quality, this version also comes with a special box filled with shower caps and Teflon tape for a more luxurious shower. This filter is great for those looking for that extra “oomph” to their shower water, and it is great for those suffering from hair and skin problems.


  • Vitamin C infused filter 
  • Easy installment 
  • 15 stage filtering system for incredibly pure water


  • Prone to leaking 
  • Joint to move shower head can malfunction or break

Nepwiz 15 stage

The last, but certainly not the least, we have another 15 stage filter! Nepwiz will fit on any shower head imaginable. With 15 stages of filtration, there is no way any chemicals or scum are getting through this filter; the only thing you’ll be feeling is clean, purified water that is infused with Vitamin C for healthier skin, nails, and hair. This product is also great for families who have young children who suffer from skin problems due to unfiltered water. One of the best, it will keep any shower from building scum and will keep your body healthy.

Nepwiz 15 stage


  • Great for small children or babies 
  • Vitamin C infused filtration 
  • Easy installation


  • Easily clogged 
  • Not compatible with some water pressures

Do You Really Need a Shower Filter?

The answer is yes! Shower filters are not only for people who have hair or skin problems, they also help prevent a buildup of calcium and iron that is used to treat tap water.

This helps keep your shower cleaner, and you’ll avoid any odd, brown stains that come from sitting water with too much iron.

Not only this, but they also prevent the skin from absorbing chlorine, another chemical used in the treatment of water that many people have adverse reactions to.

Do You Really Need a Shower Filter?

Do They Really Work?

Yes! Shower filters work by filtering out harmful chemicals in tap water to allow for safer water to be used when bathing. In some cases, a multi-layered showerhead can be used to filter water of several different chemicals.

What Do Shower Filters Remove?

Some of the chemicals removed include, but are not limited to: chlorine, iron, calcium, and other harmful chemicals used to treat tap water.

How Long Do They Last?

How Long Do They Last?

Most shower filters last anywhere from 4-6 months, depending on the amount of water being filtered through it. In many cases, a they can handle around 12,000 gallons of water before it needs to be changed.

While a filter can last up to six months, it is good to keep an eye on the filter to determine whether it truly needs changing.

If the water pressure of your shower head begins to decrease, it may be time to change the filter.

  • Consider the number of people in your household. How often does each of them shower? Remember, if your filter is frequently used, you’ll need to replace the cartridge at least twice a year.
  • Look for a model that can filter at least 10,000 gallons of water.
  • How hard is your water? The more mineral content, the quicker your cartridge will need replacing.

Do Shower Filters Help Hair?

If you’re one of those people who MUST use conditioner every time they shower, you may be able to save some money.

Shower filters remove the particles in water that may cause easily-tangled or brittle hair, not only saving you money, but also saving your hair from harmful chemicals and minerals.

What Material Should you Choose?

Shower water filters are made from varying materials, although the most popular are plastic and metal. Plastic models are usually cheaper and easier to maintain. Although, with continuous use, many plastic products will crack or start to leak.Metal shower water filters are designed to be rustproof. The metal casing should also protect your shower head from decay and corrosion. Also, the higher quality the metal is, the more pricey a product will be.

Should You Buy an Adjustable Water Filter?

Firstly, you should be looking for a product that will fit your current shower specifications. This is because units come in different sizes and can be mounted in different ways.Check the measurements of your shower system carefully. Secondly, make sure that the shower filter that you decide to purchase can be adapted to the showerhead that you currently use in your bathroom.

Will the Shower Filter Unit Change Water Pressure?

Although technically shower water filters should not affect water pressure, the reality is, some units will.

Is it Worth Buying an Expensive Shower Water Filter?

In a word, yes! The more pricey a product, the better it will protect your hair and skin. However, there are mid-range products that will do an excellent job of filtering your shower water. Therefore, you can shop around and find a shower water filter that meets both your needs and your budget.

Is the Weight of a Unit Important?

Of course, it’s down to personal preference. The question is, why would you buy a product that is too bulky or heavy for your needs? Check the weight of a product before you finalize a purchase. This is especially important if children or the elderly will be using the shower water filter.


Depending on your preferences, there is the best shower water filter out there for you. From vitamin C infused to water softeners, they all have their quirks and imperfections.

For those looking for the purest water out there, I’d suggest a 15-stage filter, as they will give you the best results. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, and your water isn’t quite as hard as other’s, then any from this list will do just the trick!

Just get out there and test that water! Don’t settle for feeling less than clean every day. Find your perfect shower head filter, and filter your way to a happy shower!

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