Best Water Ionizers


  • Advanced Electroplate Technology
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Includes Carbon Filter


  • Non-Electric - All Natural
  • RED LED Filter Change Indicator
  • Excellent Price


  • Hydrogen Boost Feature
  • Compact Design
  • ‘Ionizer of the Year’ Winner

There are many harmful contaminants and components in the water that you drink. This is a fact that thousands of people overlook every year. However, water plays a vital role in our overall health and wellbeing, which is the reason it should be contaminant free.

Recent research has highlighted the numerous advantages of drinking alkaline water or water that has been ionized. By investing in an alkaline water ionizer, you have the ability to adjust the pH levels of your water to suit the needs of your body.

We’ll discuss this more in the buyer’s guide below. But first, we’ll provide some detailed reviews on the best water ionizers available on today’s market. We’ll look into the pros and cons of each machine before answering some frequently asked questions. This article will answer any questions that you may have.

Water Ionizer Reviews


Top Pick

The Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 is a popular choice for homeowners looking to support their hydration and consume more antioxidants. This water ionizer comes equipped with everything needed to install quickly and easily in any bathroom, kitchen, or utility room faucet.

It’s stylish and intuitive to use, takes minutes to install using a simple diagram as a guide, and can produce vitalized, antioxidant-infused alkaline drinking water within minutes of setting up. Purchasing the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 helps to reduce plastic waste and the desire to buy bottled drinking water.

This particular alkaline water machine can produce water with a pH of between 4.0 and 11.0 alkaline. Each of the activated carbon filters that this product uses will filter and clean over 4,000 liters of water. Homeowners can take advantage of seven healthy water settings and antioxidant potential of -800 to +1000 ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential).


  • Seven Healthy Water Settings
  • Antioxidizes Water
  • Easy Installation


  • Not Good for Soft Water
  • Some Consumers Claim Water Smells Bad



Our budget ionizer is an excellent choice for those wanting to ‘test the waters.’ This unit can deplete 99.99% of the 220 water contaminants currently known. This includes pharmaceuticals, heavy metals such as lead, pesticides, herbicides, and bacteria.

Furthermore, this Pure Hydration product delivers 9-9.5pH water, which is perfect for balancing the body’s levels of acidity. While balancing out our body’s acid levels, water from this product also provides a hefty dose of antioxidants.

This unit has a sleek and eye-catching design, is compact, and makes water taste much better. It’s battery-powered, with 90 and 180-day audible filter change alerts. Water processed by this particular model is healthier due to the minerals and added during the ionization.


  • .02 Micron Ultra Filtration
  • Battery-Powered
  • Touchless Infrared On/Off Sensor


  • Difficult to Assemble
  • Some Design Flaws



For those of you looking for the ‘ultimate’ ionizer. The Tyent Undercounter-11-Plate Turbo Extreme water ionizer ticks all the boxes. While this product is a considerable investment, the financial cost is worth the vast array of benefits that this product provides.

This machine is compact, weighing just 14.4 pounds. It’s an under-counter model so that it can be added to any model kitchen discretely. Those of you that decide to purchase this ionizer can benefit from nine different pH settings, with four acidic settings, four alkaline settings, and a neutral.

This product can facilitate pH levels ranging between 1.7 to 12.0. Many consumers have stated that the water produced from the Turbo Extreme is superior, great-tasting, and additive-free.

Regarding filtration, the dual ultra-filtration system can remove up to 99.99% of harmful contaminants that can be present in water. Finally, this machine is easy to use and install, making it a dream purchase for many customers that love premium products.


  • 11 Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plates
  • Great-Tasting Water
  • Improves Health in the Majority of Consumers


  • Replacement Cartridges are Expensive
  • Uses a lot of Power


With modern, stainless steel design, this water ionizer is practical and easy to use. One of the most useful features this product offers is a fast water flow rate, producing up to two gallons of water per minute.

For those of us who are eco-friendly, this machine is constructed with BPA-free food-grade plastic, so users can rest assured that their water is in safe hands.

The Bawell Platinum has a double filtration system, regulating pH levels while filtering water and removing harmful contaminants. All of this is accomplished due to the electrolytic antibacterial system and dual filtration systems working in synergy with one another.


  • Dual Filtration System
  • Electrolytic Antibacterial System
  • BPA-free Plastic


  • Vague Installation Instructions
  • Some Machines Have Overheated


This particular model gives you the ability to regulate pH levels anywhere between 4.5 and 11. You can also adjust the antioxidant value of the water that you drink with ease.

The IONtech IT-757 utilizes platinum finished titanium electrolysis plates and has a 7-color LCD display, which you can use to choose from seven available pH level presets.

After every use, the unit undergoes a 10-second electrolysis cleaning cycle, ensuring that your water is safe to consume. Concerning construction, the ion membrane filter is compromised of temperature-resistant, non-toxic materials.


  • 7-Color LCD Display
  • Premium-Quality Product
  • Activated Carbon Filter Included


  • Adjusting pH Levels can be Complicated
  • Some Machines Have Broken Down Quickly After Purchase

Buyers Guide:

Water ionizers can be complicated machines, many of which are characterized by unique features. Therefore, these products tend to differ from one another. That said, the following points should be taken into consideration when purchasing one. 

Number of Plates

Plates are essential because they are responsible for converting the water from acidic to alkaline. Plates come into direct contact with the water that you will drink, so it helps to know what they are made of, as this could impact their level of efficacy.

As a general rule, the more plates a unit has, the better. This is because more plates equal more power. Units manufactured with more plates are capable of producing water with a more extensive pH range and a better ORP range.

Most affordable water ionizers come with five plates, whereas more expensive models incorporate 11 plates. That said, the more plates, the more power it will consume, making it a less cost-effective product in general.

pH Range

One of the main reasons that people choose to purchase water ionizers is to produce alkaline ionized water. This is down to an individual product’s capability of changing the pH level of water.

pH levels of water indicate the acidity or alkalinity level present. The lower the pH level, the more acidic the water is, the higher the number, the more alkaline the water will be. A reading of seven on the pH scale represents neutral water, with one being the most acidic and 14 the most alkaline.

Different models have different pH range capabilities. Water with low pH levels is excellent for disinfecting and cleaning, mildly alkaline is excellent for drinking and cooking, so choose a model that suits your specific requirements.

ORP Range

ORP stands for Oxidation-Reduction-Potential, referring to a water ionizer’s capability to oxidize and diminish oxidation levels inside the body. In layman’s terms, the lower the ORP value is, the healthier the water will be.

Oxidation is a natural process that helps natural organisms decompose. It’s the process responsible for rusting metal and rotting apples. In our bodies, oxidation damages our cells; therefore, we benefit from water that can flush our bodies with anti-oxidants.

Ionized water aids the restriction of free radicals inside the body, making us less vulnerable and susceptible to disease. We recommend looking for a machine with a low ORP value if you’re buying to improve your health and wellbeing.

Installation Process

The installation process can be tricky and frustrating with certain models, and we don’t want you to be caught off guard.

That said, the majority of water ionizers are generally easy to install. This is particularly true with most countertop units, many of which will not require any tools for installation.

When it comes to under-counter units, installation can be more challenging. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible; it just means it may take a little more time and patience. Believe us; it’s worth it for purer, safer, healthier water.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Benefits of a Water Ionizer?

The most commonly cited benefits that we get from consuming ionized water is the anti-carcinogenic effects with which the water flushes the body. According to industry experts and retailers, ionized water has beneficial antioxidant properties that may lower your risk of developing certain cancers.

Is Ionized Water Healthy?

Yes, ionized water helps millions of people combat diseases like arthritis, poor digestion, inflammation, skin disorders, weight problems, cancer, diabetes, fatigue, gout, and chronic pain. Alkaline water has a wide range of health benefits.

Is Ionized Water the Same as Alkaline Water?

The difference between ionized water and alkaline ionized water is that ionized water can be either acidic or alkaline. Alkaline ionized water is packed with minerals, and acidic ionized water has carbonate in it, making it a diluted solution of carbonic acid.

What Does an Ionizer Do to Water?

A water ionizer machine raises pH of drinking water using electrolysis to separate the water stream into alkaline and acidic components.

Is It Ok to Drink Alkaline Water Every Day?

Drinking a couple of glasses of alkaline water a day won’t harm your body. However, drinking a gallon of alkaline water each day can make the body overexert itself as it tries to produce more acid to maintain a neutral pH — everything in moderation.

Final Verdict

Water Ionizers are an excellent choice for health-conscious people who are looking to fight disease and potentially avoid certain types of cancer. For those of you working on a budget, we recommend the Pure Hydration. It’s an excellent model, capable of removing almost all the contaminants from your water supply while saving electricity due to its battery power supply.

For a great all-round product, check out the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0, it’s a fantastic quality product, with remarkable craftsmanship, and an excellent filtration system in place. This means it produces great tasting, clean water.

Those of you looking to buy the ULTIMATE machine should seriously consider the Tyent Undercounter-11-Plate Turbo Extreme. It’s without a doubt the best water ionizer available today with excellent craftsmanship, luxury materials, and a range of features unparalleled by its competitors.