About Us

Welcome to Water Filter Base. We started this site explicitly to help DIYers choose and install a water filter at home. We believe water filtration is important to keep your family healthy and that it is essential for every household. Be sure to browse our buyers guides to get the best waer filter for your needs.

High-quality clean water is essential to life. How much water does a person need? You should have at least 2 liters per day, but if you live in a hot climate, you may need up to 16 liters per day to avoid dehydration. Having clean water is important for staying healthy and being able to thrive.

Do you use well water or municipal water at your home? You can improve the quality of both types of water by using a water filter. Modern filters are smaller and easier to use. You can choose between a high-end reverse osmosis system to clean the water for the entire home or a smaller water filter which mounts on your faucet. Both types of filters will improve your water quality and the taste of your water.

Each type of water filter has its advantages and shortcomings. We put together a series of buying guides to help you untangle the confusion and choose the right filter for your home.

Why should you use filtered water? It can serve a dual purpose. You have healthier water straight from your tap, plus you avoid spending money on expensive bottled water. This helps to reduce pollution, too. You will not be filling up your local landfill with plastic bottles.

Improved water for drinking is not the only advantage of your water filter. It is better for washing your face, body, and hair, too. The filtered water cleanses more thoroughly and does not leave any residues behind. You can learn more about the advantages of filtered water, and determine which type is right for your family, by reading our in-depth buyers’ guides.