Best Under Sink Water Filters

CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter
  • Simple installation
  • Bacteriostatic filtration system
  • Five-year warranty
  • Certified by NSF International
  • An effective way to provide cleaner
  • Quick connect fittings guarantee
  • Premium-quality components
  • Incredibly easy to inspect the filters
  • Featuring as longest-lasting filters

Under sink water filters have never been so efficient. These filters have progressed so far concerning technology; they can now remove contaminants that previously relied upon reverse osmosis systems.

Even better, they produce no wastewater, unlike reverse osmosis systems. They're affordable, out of sight, and have fantastic filtration rates.

In the following piece, we will look at the top under-sink water filters that are currently available today. After discussing the pros and cons of each, we'll explain why investing in one of these filtration systems is beneficial to you and your family.

So, without further ado, let's check out our best under sink water filters.

We’ll start with our favorite product!

Under Sink Water Filter Reviews

This CuZn under-sink water filter system is one of the highest-rated water filtration systems in the world. After reading through the advantages that this model offers, and considering its cost, it's a no-brainer as to why this is one of the market leaders.

The CuZn UC-200 has a simple and efficient installation process. Also, unlike many other under the sink water filters, this model doesn't require an additional faucet. Instead, it connects directly to your sinks cold water line. This filter includes all of the necessary components for installation, making it a dream to install, without the need to hire a plumber.

CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter

Another advantage is the longevity that you will get if you purchase this water filter due to its long-lasting filter, capable of producing 50,000 gallons of filtered water. Most households will filter around 10,000 gallons per year. So that's five years of filtered water.


  • The biggest advantage is the simple installation. The process is very easy and only requires the water filter and all of the component parts and an adjustable wrench. That’s all there is to it.
  • BACTERIOSTATIC FILTRATION SYSTEM: Unlike Carbon Only Filters, The UC-200 is Bacteriostatic and therefore not Susceptible to bacteria or mold Growth.
  • Five-year pro-rated warranty and a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.


  • Unfortunately this is a larger filter. If you have a garbage disposal or a small cabinet under your sink, it might not fit.

The APEC WFS-1000 is a premium-quality under-sink water filter. Engineered, assembled, and designed in the USA, it includes a super capacity filter for dependable, long-lasting filtration.

This under the sink model comes with a one-year satisfaction guarantee and can treat well water and tap water using its long-lasting premium filter.

APEC WFS-1000 Under-Sink Water Filter System

The holes on the mounting bracket are already predrilled, so you will not need to do any drilling at all either.

This particular water filter comes with a 100% lead-free chrome faucet and FDA certified JG food grade tubing, guaranteeing the purest, safest, contamination-free water. Chemicals such as chlorine will be a thing of the past as this product's filtration system eliminates all chemical tastes and odors from your drinking water.


  • The faucet on the APEC WFS-1000 is made of the highest quality materials. In fact, it has a stainless steel faucet so it’s not some cheap piece of junk that’s going to break anytime soon.
  • This system will not waste water or require regular filter flushing, so all of the water entering the system goes straight into your glass.
  • Removes chemicals, odors, tastes, and VOCs from your water while still keeping important alkalinity and minerals.
  • Speedy water flow, no tank is necessary. Enjoy clear, filtered water in an instant.


  • The finish is only available in stainless steel. Some people might prefer to have the finish match other fixtures that might not necessarily be stainless steel.
  • Specific models have been known to leak over extensive periods of usage. However, this product does have a one year warranty.

This water filtration system includes a dedicated faucet that can easily be installed in most sink models. At this price, homeowners can be rewarded with cleaner filtered water for drinking or cooking.

This particular budget under-sink water filter system comes with EZ change replacement filter cartridges with simple connection fittings. All you have to do is twist on and twist off the cartridges, and you're away! The RC-EZ-1 filter cartridge is included with this model and it guarantees the removal of bad taste and odor from your water.

However, for higher filtration level needs, Culligan offers a range of interchangeable upgrade filter systems. These additional cartridges are easy to twist on and off and can be purchased in line with your individual filtration needs and requirements.

The included RC-EZ-1 cartridge can filter up to 3,000 gallons of water, which means that it could potentially last twelve months.


  • The US-EZ-1 has been tested and certified by NSF International to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for the reduction of Chlorine Taste and Odor and Nominal Particulate Class III.
  • Using this particular drinking water system is a more effective way to provide cleaner, better-tasting water for your home.
  • Quick connect fittings guarantee that the filter remains in place until it needs changing. Therefore, there is no need to worry about hidden spills or leaks.


  • Some customers have complained about slow flow speeds with this particular product.
  • There have also been some complaints regarding leaks coming from split filter cartridges.

For those looking to spend a little more and get a superb quality under-sink water filter system, look no further than this beauty!

This incredible machine uses reverse osmosis water filtration to make your drinking water healthier and safer. It can be mounted beneath your sink and will remove over 99% of more than 1,000 contaminants.

This includes the removal of 98% of lead, arsenic, asbestos, hormones, bacteria, viruses, calcium, sodium, and much more. People that purchase this product can look forward to better tasting food, crystal clear ice cubes, and fresher coffee every single morning.

What's more, it's easy to install and can be typically fitted within a couple of hours. It fits under most standard sinks and includes all the parts for installation alongside concise instructions and videos to follow.

What's unique about this product is that it includes an alkaline remineralization filter that restores healthy minerals and produces balanced alkalinity. This helps to give your water a more natural taste after the reverse osmosis membrane takes away harmful pollutants.


  • Premium-quality components ensure low maintenance and excellent reliability for years to come.
  • Clear see-through 1st stage housing makes it incredibly easy to inspect the filters.
  • Featuring some of the longest-lasting filters in the entire industry, this system consists of 6 stages, each stage designed to remove contaminants and rapidly improve water quality and purity progressively.


  • This product has a one year warranty but has been known to develop leaks after thirteen months in some cases. Simply err on the side of caution by placing trays below the product to detect any leaks as soon as they occur.

You’ll really appreciate this model because it’s efficient and the water it produces is crisp, clean, and very tasty to boot. The Supercarb by Doulton takes full advantage of a cartridge filter that is very easy to remove and eliminates contaminants from your water supply.

Even better, the under-sink water filter operates in stages with four of them to be exact. So each stage removes a different level of contaminants to provide very clean drinking water for your entire household.

Doulton W9330958 SuperCarb Under Sink Filter System

During the first stage, the water goes through a carbon block and removes floating particles like bad odors, bad tastes, parasitic cysts, and bacteria. During the second stage, antibacterial properties come into effect and remove those types of bacterial contaminants.

The third stage uses additional carbon to remove chloramine, chlorine, and other organic compounds causing disgusting odors and tastes. The fourth stage removes heavy metals from the water.


  • This filtration system is very durable. The tubing is thick and strong and the housing is quite solid. So it can handle bumps and bruises and still keep on ticking.


  • You will also need to purchase additional parts to complete the installation. Contact your local dealer to pick them up from a store in your neighborhood or you can always buy them online.

Out of all of the under-sink water filters we’re sharing today, we like this one best because it’s a very budget friendly choice.

And even though it’s less expensive than other options, it still gets the job done and you’ll have very clean and very crisp water after its filtered through the system.

Aquasana 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter System

Not only is it effective, it’s also capable of removing some of the worst contaminants around. It can get rid of herbicides, chlorine, pesticides, VOCs, and heavy metals to name a few.

You’ll truly appreciate the twist off design that they used when creating this filter. When you need to replace one of the filters, which happens about every six months or so, it’s very simple to do because you just have to twist it off and then twist the new one on its place. Really, you can have this done in a matter of minutes it’s that easy.

Another reason to love this filter is the high quality faucet. It’s an excellent faucet and when you purchase the filter you actually have the choice of picking your favorite type of finish. So, you do not have to worry about matching the faucet to your other fixtures because you can do so easily because they give you the option.


  • This model gives the user a filter change notification. So instead of trying to time it perfectly or guess when the filter needs to be changed, the system will provide you with the notification to tell you when it’s time to do so.


  • The big disadvantage is poor O-rings. The lifespan of these O-rings is typically about two or three years. But if you let the company know about the problem by contacting them through phone or email, they will send you new replacements.

This product has been specifically designed to be used with municipally treated drinking water as opposed to well water. 

The manufacturers have stated that this premium class under-sink filter will last for a minimum of three years or 10,000 gallons. For optimum longevity, don't use this product with salty or softened water.

This is a great budget option and is very effective for its price. The system is NSF approved, and so are all of its water filter materials and components. An additional advantage of purchasing this model is that it includes all the accessories needed for installation. All you need is an adjustable wrench to plumb the system into your household completely.

Woder 10K-Gen3 Ultra High Capacity Direct Connect Water Filtration System


  • The filters themselves last a very long time. Even better, it’s quick to remove and replace, like within about five minutes because you just need to twist it off and twist the new one on in its place.
  • Eliminates 99.9% of lead, heavy metals, chlorine, mercury, carcinogens, and other contaminants.
  • Selective filtration - Meaning that Woder's technology removes 99.99% of contaminants but leaves in all the essential minerals that your body needs.
  • Woder filters are independently tested to the ANSI standards (American National Standards Institute). Therefore you can be confident that Woder-filtered water is of the highest possible quality.


  • Slower water pressure - will reduce the water pressure that reaches your taps by as much as 20%. If you already have low water pressure, this could be a problem.

Out of every filter we’ve told you about today, this one costs the least.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that the Filtrete is anything less than stellar because it certainly gets the job done.

A big reason to consider this under-sink water filter is it doesn’t require an additional faucet to drink filtered water. You can connect this system directly to the cold water line which is very convenient.

Filtrete Advanced Under Sink Water Filtration System

It’s also really simple to install it. Even the least handy people are capable of installing this filter without any assistance from professionals. And even better, it’s relatively quick since it only takes about 30 minutes to put it in. Best of all, the system filters about 10,000 gallons of water so you won’t need to change the it for around six months.


  • This unit is great because it provides excellent filtration. In fact, it removes anywhere from 97% to 100% of funky tastes, stinky odors, cysts, soil, sand, and sediment.


  • After thoroughly testing the unit, we learned that it’s necessary to change the filter every four months instead of every six months. While it’s certainly not a major problem, you’ll need to replace one additional filter every year which adds up over time.

The Inner Workings of Under Sink Water Filters

So, you’ve determined that you’d like to buy an under sink water filter. With this commitment in mind, it’s probably a good time to learn about how they work.

First off, it’s good to learn about the two different types of under-sink water filters. There’s the simple under sink filter and the conventional under sink filter. We will take a shot at explaining the difference between the two and share the advantages and disadvantages of each as well.

Simple Under-Sink Water Filter

They call this a simple system but the inner workings are actually quite complex. What they mean by simple is the installation process. These filters are quite easy to install but they are very complex on the inside.

Ultimately, when you install one of these filters under your sink, you will connect it to the cold water line and that will be diverted into your water filter. With this system, you aren’t required to install a separate faucet for water delivery. It comes out of your regular everyday faucet, which many people prefer. Conversely, because the filter is only connected to the cold water line, you aren’t going to get access to filtered hot water.

A few reasons to consider this water filter system is that it’s easy to use, easy to set up, and it’s also efficient. Again, some people do not like having multiple cold water faucets. So the simplicity of the system is what attracts its many happy customers.

The Pros

  • It’s an inexpensive option.
  • You do not need to install another faucet.
  • You aren’t required to modify your countertop or existing sink.
  • It has flexible connectors that are very easy to install.

The Cons

  • It filters large volumes of water – which for many could be a good thing – but it also means you’ll need to change the filters more often.
  • When the water reaches the filter it’s at a high flow. This means certain impurities are capable of escaping the filtration process which means they will continue to contaminate your water.

Conventional Under-Sink Water Filters

The installation process means diverting water from your cold water pipe into the connector, which is typically a small plastic tube. Once the water goes through the filter, it comes out of a separate faucet that you have to install.

In your new faucet, you will only gain access to filtered water. Your regular cold and hot water faucet will remain the same, which means the water isn’t filtered. A hot water dispenser is an excellent option that you may want to consider too.

This water filtration system constantly remains under pressure, so your water will continue to go through this filter and into your new cold water faucet. The big letdown of conventional under sink systems is the need for the additional faucet. You’ll either have to drill a new hole in your sink or buy a sink that already has two holes drilled in it.

The Pros of Conventional Filters

  • Long-lasting water filters
  • Better filtration
  • Professional plumbers can install easily

The Cons of Conventional Filters

  • Requires an additional faucet
  • Water flow rate is reduced
  • You’ll need to install a new sink with two faucet holes or drill an additional hole in your existing sink

The Major Benefits of Installing a Water Filter Under Your Sink

The best under sink water filter systems are much more effective than they were in the past. They can reduce or even eliminate many pollutants that were previously filtered only by a reverse osmosis system.

And the old versions of these systems simply used a water filter made of activated carbon. This carbon blocked contaminants, but today’s modern cartridges are a combination of multiple technologies that provide fantastic results.

Benefits of Installing a Water Filter Under Your Sink

Then again, the new technology is great but the most important component still remains the activated carbon filter. Always remember, the more carbon in the filter, the better off the quality of your water will be.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that an under the sink water filter can provide. They include the following:

  • Eliminates chlorine – these filters and especially the activated carbon filter can completely remove chlorine from your water. Certain systems have an initial carbon water filter and a second carbon filter within them. The first filter traps chemicals and other contaminants while the second filter traps chlorine and removes it.
  • Reduction of nitrate/nitrite particles – two dangerous contaminants come in the form of nitrites and nitrates and they can be harmful to kids and older people. This filter contains an anion resin cartridge with the ability to eliminate these compounds from your water source.
  • Arsenic? What arsenic? – The alumina water filter removes any and all arsenic from the water completely.
  • Removal of sediments – the cartridges are designed with sediment removal in mind. The spun polypropylene and/or pleaded polypropylene are perfect for this job.
  • Fluoride diminishes – the alumina filter also has the ability to take fluoride from your water and get rid of nearly all of it, but it doesn’t get everything.
  • Eliminates bad tastes and odors – the activated carbon water filter can get rid of the bad tastes and odors to make the water tastier and smell fresher.
  • Heavy metals become a thing of the past – the KDF carbon filters remove even the toughest heavy metals.
  • Microorganism and bacterial elimination – this is possible with high quality models.
  • Limescale reduction – the cartridge contains cation resin, which is known to remove magnesium and calcium from household water.

What to Look For in a Good Water Filter

  • Water pressure – when choosing an under-sink water filter you definitely need to keep water pressure in mind. Some filters are so weak and the water flow so slowly that it feels like it takes a year and a half just to get a glass of water. You need to look for a filter with top quality water pressure no matter what, but this is especially true if you already have limited pressure in your home. The negative side of buying a water filter with heavy water pressure is it filters quicker so contaminants have a better chance of slipping through, so if your water source is very contaminated you should choose a filter with weaker water pressure.
  • Filtering Capacity – Some systems are going to be able to filter different chemicals than others. They may have an excellent capacity to filter water but might not have the right cartridges to remove certain contaminants. So test your water before purchasing a filter to determine which impurities you need to filter for. Take this information and use it to buy the right product to meet your contamination removal needs.
  • Installation and filter change degree of difficulty – if you are not very handy and have a difficult time performing mechanical labor, buying a difficult to install water filter might not be the best option. Unless of course you plan to hire a plumber to install it for you, then it should be fine. Changing the filters can also become a problem. Find a version that makes it very easy to change the individual cartridges. You do not want to have to spend an hour or more trying to figure out how to change your cartridge. Most of them can be changed within 5 to 10 minutes as long as you buy a system that makes it simple to unscrew and then screw the new filter or cartridge back in place.
  • Longevity of cartridges – The wide majority of these systems require water filter changes every six months. Then again, there are other models that have such excellent filters that they only need to be changed every 3 to 5 years. Knowing your filter longevity is definitely important. Some systems will advertise that their cartridge only needs to be changed once a year, but after using it for a while you realize that it actually only lasts about six months. You need to keep this information in mind, regularly test your system, and adjust your thinking accordingly because you want your water quality to be the best it can possibly can be. If your water comes from a municipal treatment facility, it has to go through miles of contaminated pipes before it reaches your sink. So testing your cartridges often to find out if they need to be changed is definitely a good thing.

The Pros and Cons of Countertop vs. Under Sink Filters

Both types of water filters definitely have their disadvantages as well as their advantages. That’s why we’ve decided to compare the two for you today. Since their main component is activated carbon filters, we felt this was a good comparison to make.

Countertop Systems

The advantages include: countertop systems are small and they do not take up all that much space. They are also very easy to install. In fact, some people believe that they are much easier to install than their under sink counterparts.

The disadvantages include: Countertop water filters remove impurities at a much slower rate. So it’s going to take a lot longer for your water to come out of your faucet and into your glass. They also aren’t the most attractive filters in the world, so if you have a particular design scheme in your kitchen this device could throw off the overall look and feel.

Under Sink Systems

The advantages include:  When an under-sink water filter is installed under the sink, it remains out of sight. And being that they are under the sink, you do not have to waste any of your precious countertop space. They also filter the water at a steady rate, and this rate is typically a lot better than the filtration rate of countertop systems.

The disadvantages include: they tend to be a lot harder to install. So if you the right mechanical inclinations, you should either avoid this water filter or hire an expert to install it for you. These systems are also a lot larger than countertop verities. The water filter may be hidden underneath your sink, but it’s still going to take up a lot of your storage space under there and you might not like it.

Installation and Maintainenance

The best under the sink systems are pretty straightforward to install. The following instructions should make it very easy:

  • Go under your sink and remove the tubing.
  • Next, mark off the location where your new water filter will be.
  • Connect everything plumbing related to make it operational.
  • Now you can connect the water filter to your sink.
  • Pick a mounting location and fasten your filter.
  • Test out your new filter to make sure it works.
install Under Sink Filters

Always make sure to follow any and all instructions that the manufacturer gives you. If it seems too complicated, you can always find video tutorials online. Customer service should also have no trouble providing support.

How Often Should I Change My Cartridge?

This answer is going to be different for everybody and it all depends on your filter itself. But a good rule of thumb is to prepare to change it within six months. Although there are certain models that can last for as long as five years.

Basically, just look at what the manufacturer tells you in the instruction manual and follow their guidelines. Even better, you may have bought a system that provides automatic notifications. If this is the case, remember to do what they tell you.

Changing Your Cartridges

To change your cartridges, please follow the step-by-step instructions below. They are as follows:

  • Turn off your main water supply
  • Open your faucet and drain the system
  • Use a screwdriver to open the casing or use the manufacturers tool if one is provided
  • Remove your filter
  • Clean out your casing
  • Put in the new water filter
  • Close the casing
  • Turn the water back on and make sure it isn’t leaking

It’s best to change all of your cartridges at the exact same time, so follow this guideline even if one might seem cleaner than the others.

Final Thoughts

Wherever you get your water source from – whether it’s a well or a municipal water source – having the best under sink water filter system to eliminate contaminants is definitely a good idea.

Although all of the products mentioned in this piece are excellent choices, we recommend purchasing the CuZn UC-200. It's hassle-free, simple to install, high performing and affordable. Again, this product will last you a minimum of five years, and it's incredibly easy to install. It requires virtually no maintenance and installs in roughly 5 minutes, hooking up to your cold water supply. When you turn on the cold water tap on your sink, it will be CuZn pure.

Thanks for taking the time to read our buying guide and reviews. And please remember to use this information to make your purchase because it should make the entire buying process a heck of a lot easier.